The classes at Les Petites Excuses are the perfect occasion to take a small refreshing break from the crazy busy weeks. « Happy hour » style, we get together for an evening of laughter and beauty, playing with flowers.

Friends, flowers aficionados, pros or i-never-touched-flowers-in-my-life, we are glad to say our doors are open to EVERYONE! Yes, even you guys; we foresee here probably the best first date idea…

Each class is meant to be an ode to explore creativity. Discover seasonal flowers and basic techniques to care for them. Advised by Ana├»s’s stylism guidelines, participants create their own flower arrangement linked with the theme du jour.

Of course you get to take your creation home with you and therefore amaze all of your friends, but that’s not all. We are also serving delicious « hors-d’oeuvres » and a glass of wine.

Please check the Schedule for our upcoming classes.

We also offer to host private workshops for small groups and businesses.